Car shows that showcase the “best of the best” in all automotive industries not only give us, the builders, a run for the money, but they entertain the enthusiasts to the fullest as well. No matter who it is, we love all cars or at least something about them. Boys love toys, plain and simple!

As far as being a car builder, it always helps to steal, borrow, or take someone’s idea, be it from a rod, custom, van, or motorcycle. We really don’t have to copy someone’s style or design, we just need to borrow some of it and add some other ride’s scheme, or an idea we have from our own years of experience, while attending multi automotive industry car show events.

The “lowrider style” has traveled into mainstream America and has infiltrated other automotive spectrums. You see engraving, gold-leaf striping, certain intricate paint design and patterns, and as we all know everything is lowered now. The influence has spread far enough that even General Motors has taken notice when they are at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Everywhere you look, the lowrider is taking over.

This year’s Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California, proved this point once again as there was a presence of lowriders displayed within the seven halls or outside exhibits. What’s so cool about this multi-cultural event is that it’s a comfortable atmosphere where everyone blends together and shares a compliment or conversation of some sort.

As was said before, at the end of the day, we all love cars, and appreciate the commitment and sacrifice that car builders put into their vehicles. There is a ton of work and respect felt for most if not all of the vehicles displayed within this annual event’s venue. Upgrades in automotive technology and performance are present at these types of car shows, but what really stands out the most are the special colors of cars that are painted to stand out from one another’s vehicle exhibit.

Check out this special tour of the “Grand Daddy of Them All” car show and capture some ideas for yourselves, or get some tickets and a couple of beers and attend a show or two so you can also add some better ideas than you had before. Please remember that if you think you came up with a design or style of your own, chances are it already happened in the ’50s, and that it was displayed at a show back then too.