Without risk there is no reward. This adage has served as the backbone for some of the most awe-inspiring companies, custom cars, and movements in this century and the same can be said for Thomas Sampaga, the curator of Hawaii’s most celebrated lowrider shows —Arts in Motion.

Back in 2007, with no prior experience or sponsors, Thomas wanted to throw a car show that would showcase the best that Hawaii had to offer. After brainstorming ideas and talking to friends, he would eventually team up with Justin Flores, who was initially consulted with as a model coordinator. After preliminary talks, the two clicked so well that Thomas ended up making Justin a partner, rather than just a private contractor and the combination of the two worked like a charm.

Conceptually, the idea behind Arts in Motion was to showcase the world of custom vehicles, but they wanted more than just a static show. Instead, they wanted to choreograph a show that was more interactive, which is how the idea of the “Car Limbo” came into play. The whole idea behind the “Limbo” was to see who would be crowned the lowest car.

As each car makes a pass beneath the limbo bar, judges gauge just how low each vehicle is. The one that lays down the lowest roofline to pass beneath the bar wins the competition. In addition to this brilliant idea, they have also incorporated Trike Drifters along with other great attractions such as the 4×4 Monster Truck smash and BMX stunts. In short, one must attend Arts in Motion to truly experience and understand the full effect of the show as it has now become the one hub where car enthusiasts and lowrider fanatics can gather to have a good ol’ time.