The word “anniversary” is defined as “the date an event took place in a previous year” or “a date in which a country or institution was founded in a previous year.” What the dictionary can’t tell you is all the trials and tribulations one must go through year after year to be able to reach another year.

In the lowrider scene, a car club gains more and more respect after each year, as it has become more difficult to build a quality lowrider. That said, it is not the quantity of members a club has, but the quality of each of its members. Southern Royalty car club has shown this by treating their members as family. From past members to prospects, they are all treated with the same respect as members with multiple show cars.

For their 25th anniversary, Chuy Barrera committed himself in bringing out some of the original members to help them celebrate the occasion. The original members responded by dusting off some of the club’s original rides and bringing them out. Mini-trucks and euros that haven’t seen daylight in decades were brought back to life and it was good to see the eclectic assortment of rides on display.

The club celebrated their anniversary by barbequing, telling old stories, and going through old magazines. As they reminisced about the old days, it was nice to see them bask in the tales because we all know that any life worth living has plenty of stories to share and pass on. On behalf of LOWRIDER Magazine, I’d like to thank all the members of Southern Royalty for the invite and for making me feel like one of their own.