Reaching 35 years is a huge milestone that only a handful of car clubs (and even fewer marriages) have been able to accomplish. During its lifetime, the lowriding community has seen many car clubs come and go, so there’s something to be said about such a rich and enduring history. Those who have reached it can testify that the only way to get there is with sheer commitment.

Individuals like Ricardo Alvarado have demonstrated their commitment to the lowrider lifestyle and his deep-rooted history and involvement is evident as we gaze at the black and white images of young Ricardo that were on display alongside the Oldies Car Club memorial wall. Not only do the different variations of Oldies car club plaques demonstrate the transformation the club has endured over the years, but it also represents the commitment they made so long ago.

To celebrate this achievement, the club hosted a black tie attire soiree, which was held at Marquis Banquet Hall in Glendale, California. Oldies members accompanied the San Fernando Valley chapter from the San Diego, Stockton, Fresno, Inland Empire, New Mexico, Houston, Los Angles, Arizona, Tijuana, Washington, Coachella Valley, Monterey, and county chapters. Guests in attendance enjoyed food, drinks, and dancing, while spectators passing by admired the multiple bombs parked outside of the facility. We here at LOWRIDER Magazine would like to congratulate the Oldies on their commitment to their club and the contributions they have provided the lowrider lifestyle.