In what turned out to be yet another jam-packed event, Independent C.C. held their 4th annual car show at the Buzz Bomb Pizza joint and boy did it kick off. The festivities, which included a stable of cars from all around the nation, had visitors in attendance from Oklahoma, Kansas, California, and Michigan. In all, the pictures don’t do this show justice, as we all enjoyed a day in the company of fellow enthusiasts and car lovers.

Though overcast and gloomy, the event carried itself with a brilliant and friendly atmosphere filled with the sounds of live entertainment provided by King Lil G, DJ Baby Chino, and Wicked Baby Doll just to name a few. With the crowd jammin’ and soaking in the sights and sounds, it was hard to not whip a double take when Heather Moss showed up. In what could best be described as a buoyant attraction, Heather was kind enough to pose with fans and cars, and this in itself was an experience—at least for those lucky enough not to get caught looking.

But jokes aside, the event attracted fans of all ages and spoke volumes about the lowrider community. The event in itself felt like a family affair and a moment of silence was set aside to pay respects to a fallen angel. That angel was Big Mike. He was taken away from us far too soon and we’re sure that he was looking down proud of what his fellow brothers have done for both him as well as the community. May he ride in peace.