When asked what brought about the 2nd Annual Groupe New Years Celebration, Randy Sandoval from Groupe Car Club had this to say, “As a club we thought it would be a great way to bring in the New Year with our friends and family and it also gives us a chance to showcase our new rides while mingling with friends both old and new.” He goes on to explain that there is no official invite for the celebration and that their event is a family affair open for all to attend.

Since the club originated from East L.A. (and holds many of their meetings in Montebello), they decided that Montebello Park would be the perfect venue for their annual shindig. So for that day, the entire park is reserved for the occasion and along with it comes the mandatory food, jumpers, and DJ to go along with it.

In addition, Groupe also provides everything from the tables and chairs all the way to the steaming hot pot of menudo and the necessary stockpile of carne asada, hot dogs, burgers, and flaming-hot grills. In all, it’s a family affair that brings the best out of everyone and Groupe Car Club also understands that without the love and support of their friends, family, and other clubs, this wouldn’t have been as successful as it was.