When City Cruisers CC (from both the Coachella Valley and Blythe chapters) host their annual car show it’s definitely one to add to your bucket list. Held at the Indio Fairgrounds, the show boasts an impressive lineup of cars and equally as exciting is the enthusiasm found during Saturday’s setup. With lines forming in the early morning, the show has a lot to offer. From classic bombs to full-blown show cars, it’s a site to see and a definite spectacle.

If you haven’t been to a lowrider show then there’s a first for everything and it’s the love and attention that really shows the passion behind the culture. With car setups ranging from mild to wild, the same can be said for their displays and setups. From mirror-lined floors to offer spectators a full view of the undercarriage, all the way to padded display walls, the show turned out a full house and when local performers LRD, DWI, and Big J, weren’t performing the show resonated the sounds of DJ Pee Wee.

In short, it’s great to see shows like this one here providing yet another platform for lowrider enthusiasts to showcase their latest builds while inspiring the next generation of lowrider builders, enthusiasts, and historians.