Back in July of 2013, Luxurious car club’s British Columbia chapter played host to their Fourth Annual Show and Hop. The location for that year’s event was Allstars Pub, which has been the spot of choice for the past few events. With clear skies in the forecast for the show, many local and out-of-town participants geared up for this year’s highly anticipated show. Luxurious CEO and founder, Paul Garcia, along with fellow member Michael Sotelo both caught flights up north from San Jose, just to be a part of this event. Their support was further bolstered by the likes of fellow club members, Justin Dagenais, and Joe Raymond, who made their way across Canada from Luxurious’ Montreal and North Side chapters. Not only did they drive 60-plus hours to show their support, they also trailered Justin’s highly customized, yellow ’64 Impala Rag. His vehicle was a big hit at the show, as well as on the streets of British Columbia for the entire weekend.

Members of Uso, Individuals, Majestics, Acrophobiacs, Wicked Illusions, Big Timers, Compadres, Rollerz Only, Unity, as well as solo riders also came through in full force to support the show. No club came out in bigger droves than Syndicates, who took the Club Participation award. In the hop pit, it was Cheeks, from Unity, who ended up taking the cash prize edging out the other competitors for the third year in a row. Before the trophy presentation, a special plaque was presented to the Lux CEO by local striper, Brad “360” Erickson. With hot rides at every corner of the show, judging was no easy task. CEO Choice went to Mike D, from Uso car club with his ’64 Impala hardtop, but Best of Show went to out-of-towner Farshad Pirdavari from Bellingham, Washington, with his donked-out Caprice on 30s edging out the competition and taking home top honors this year. Luxurious would like to thank everyone for their support in making this year’s show one of the best ever. They also send an extra special thanks to LRM for supporting their local scene, and it was our pleasure to do so.