Lowriders have long been a bond for communities, and local events only further relationships and breed camaraderie among drivers and builders. Picnics, meet-ups, and cruise nights are always great ways to have fun and unite area enthusiasts. This concept isn’t lost on the Majestix CC of Dallas. “We do the cruise night once a month for all the local car clubs but everyone is welcomed,” says Mando Reyes of the Majestix of Dallas, Texas. “We get hot rods, Rat rods, and other styles of cars that also come out to the cruise night.” The cruise night is a year-round event that happens on a Saturday, usually in the middle of the month.

The cruise night began when the Majestix sought out a location that was centralized in Dallas, that way it would be convenient for all of the surrounding clubs to attend. As a regular customer of the Pappa’s BBQ, Mando went into the restaurant and asked the general manager, Arturo Alvarado, about their idea of having a cruise night at the location. “He has really supported us in this family event,” says Mando. “We’ve had a DJ come out and that has worked out well for us, and the restaurant customers love to check out the cars.”

This most recent cruise night had a few more cars than usual, as there were a lot of people that came from out of town for the North Texas Majestics Picnic. “We are working together with the North Texas Majestics to make next year’s cruise night even bigger during their show.”