About five years ago, a group of friends started up the Twin Cities USO Chapter in Minnesota. Those friends; Brian Hartman, Joe Lang, and Joe Suski, shared the same passion and motivation for customized lowriders. The trio’s passion led to a strong presence in the Midwest, and after gathering sufficient momentum, they recognized it was time to hold their first picnic. Intent on giving Minnesota lowrider enthusiasts a place to enjoy the fun and sun together, they chose beautiful Kohler Meadows Park in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.

While poor weather threatened the days leading up to the picnic, it seemed as though the rain took a break just for the show, as hundreds enjoyed the sunny skies, the many lowriders in attendance, as well as the full buffet of food by the USO club. A bounce house was brought in and set up next to a giant playground for greater enjoyment in a true family atmosphere.

The club’s first gathering was a huge success and they are already booking the park for their second show. Vice President Joe Lang wishes to thank everyone that made the trip to the park and thanks them for helping to ensure that everybody in attendance had a great time.