Here at the SEMA Show In Las Vegas the Lowrider Crew had to get in front of the lines of photographers to get an inside view and shot of the latest automotive trends when it comes to car interiors. Though there were quite a few rides with different types of tires and wheels here, some rides needed the 520 wired down look to improve their looks. That said, these same cars could fit our criteria with a swap out on wheels and tires because they definitely fit the trends and styles Lowriders want crafted into their custom built interiors today! Here are some select images of the rides that caught our attention displayed around the indoor and outdoor exhibit areas at this spectacular show. When it comes to “glamour and glitz” in Vegas you will agree that some of these quality stitched and wrapped in leather upholstery’s looked plush and extravagant. Just like automotive custom painted intricate patterns, interior stitching should also have the straight lines and perfect curves of designs too. One of the most important features in custom upholstery is the color and material. Once chosen, it has to compliment, but it doesn’t have to exactly match the exterior color paint job of your vehicle. Interior designers as you see here in this feature add fiberglass molded dash boards and consoles that continue all the way up to the rear package tray. These fabricated painted features are extended as part of the exterior paint scheme but also add modern style and color coordination to your material color and interior detail.There are a vast number of well known names of interior building crafts men exhibiting their work here that come from all over the country, and though they may not be as affordable as the budget you may have in mind, and or maybe their shops are to far for you to transport your project over to them for an interior job, at least you have a vision from the ideas we captured here for you so you can begin your own plans when you find an upholsterer. So take a seat and enjoy the view!