This year’s Cadillac Fest was a Big Body “Show Off” at the historic Bob’s Big Boy, in Downey, California. You could say that this location was turned into “Caddy Land”, as every model and year of Cadillac was displayed at the event. This free show had a variety of Cadillacs, including a few Escalades to represent the popular “Roll Playerz” who are featured in our magazine.

With great weather and a good venue, people rolled through all day. High Class, Stylistics, Majestics, Ontario’s Finest, Elite, Latins Finest, Cadillac Kings, New Stars, New Vision, West Side, Individuals, and Royal Image are some of the car clubs that came out to represent the crest on those long hoods. If you own a Cadillac and didn’t make it out you definitely missed out, as this great Caddy Fest event keeps getting bigger and better with time.

Hard work and promotional planning by Mike Lopez from the Cadillac Connection, along with the help of sponsors like Ghost Motoring, Seventh Letter, Cadillac Connect, Cal Blasting, and Jarritos soft drinks, helped the event run smooth and come out a success.

Lopez and Big Page wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to support and be part of this luxurious event. With even more support that was received this year, Lopez hopes that the event keeps growing, as the plans for next year’s event are already under way.