Our first day at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas and we were immediately impressed with the spectrums of new automotive custom paints. Axalta, PPG, House of Kolors, Matrix and Sherwin Williams were in full color effect. While taking in about a thousand color mixes between all the top paint brand companies out here, we couldn’t help notice Iwata’s spray gun displays. They took their exhibit to a new level of air brush and custom painted art work from various custom painters, using motorcycle tanks and spray guns attached as a focal point. They sure impressed the crowds with some of the most beautiful art works exhibited here at the show.

When it comes to custom paint it doesn’t matter about the color, or multiple colors you chose for your paint scheme. All that matters is if it’s sprayed with the right gun. . There are also quite a few Lowriders on display here too. Axalta has a candy purple and Magenta 64 Impala along with a turquoise 62 wagon, there’s also a wild lime green 68′ Caprice displayed and laid out in the PPG booth. Some of the more recognizable Lowrider painters are also here showing off their talents and skills too. Josh Culver, Bugs Auto Art, Danny D, Manny Cisneros and Zack Felix. They each have with them their stripping brushes and paint guns whole they exhibit their artwork to the crowds who are amazed about candies flakes and pearls along with some gold leaf pin stripping. Check out these cool photos from all the creative and colorful displays.
Wish you were here.