There is a massive presence of displayed vehicles from all automotive industries being represented here at the show. Most of them are slammed on the concrete floors from one hall to another, inside and out. There is a Lexus, a Ferrari, a Fed Ex delivery truck and a Toyota Prius for crying out loud! I remember the times when Lowriders were looked at by other auto industries as being different because our cars were lowered. Nobody would put hydros on their cars to lower them because they wanted no look or identity as being from a Lowrider style. Now there’s hybrids, muscle cars, rat rods, and even motorcycles. Why not? Sad part is no one wants to admit our style of Lowriders bring out the best in automotive designs. The cars look longer meaner and the body lines look even more sharper. Though there are quite a bit of rides like the ones captured here in this SEMA feature, most of them are air bagged. I think sometimes that that’s a result of everyone not admitting that they like and copied our style, and the excuse is no we didn’t follow because we used air not oil. Everything pictured here from this event is a sign of flattery or a compliment. Maybe this is why The lowrider culture is accepted more and appreciated everywhere. Like the saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them. And that’s what it looks like here and everywhere!