Lowriding is a culture that has been around for decades and the sport has certainly seen its share of people who come and go. Lowriding has also seen its fair share of permanent fixtures—die-hard Lowriders who have persevered throughout the culture’s history. Perhaps best defined as a testament to the longevity of true dedication, Dukes car club has reached a milestone unparalleled. In fact, while most enduring car clubs are lucky to be celebrating their 30th or 35th anniversaries, the Dukes celebrated their 50th anniversary! This milestone gives the Dukes the distinguished honor of being the oldest continuing Lowrider car club in the world. The Ruelas brothers founded the club, which owes its roots to the Los Angeles street culture of the late ‘50’s. Since then, the Dukes have grown into thirty chapters in a reach that extends as far out as Japan and Australia.

The momentous occasion was held at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, which served as the perfect backdrop to house the numerous attendees. Upon entry, guests were greeted by a fleet of classic Bombs that were all up to the Dukes high car club standards. In total, over 500 guests came from all over the country, and some even made the trek from Japan and Australia for this special celebration. “It’s a bittersweet day,” lamented Jason Ruelas. “We are happy to celebrate the Dukes’ 50th, but we also have some sadness because of the loss of my father, Fernando, and uncle, Julio.” Support came from far and wide despite the losses. On hand to celebrate were the Tovar brothers, Emilio Rivera, who plays the Mayans’ leader in the hit show “Son of Anarchy,” and also Mike Pickel, who is the artist that created the Dukes’ Burger painting in 1979.

Lowrider Magazine would like to congratulate the Dukes on their huge milestone, and we know that you guys have many more years to go!