Last October, the legendary Together car club celebrated their 35th year of existence by holding a special formal banquet in the city of West Covina, California. The location, on the Eastern side of Los Angeles County, was perfect for many of the club’s current members; including those traveling from the downtown Los Angeles area as well as those coming in from the Inland Empire area of Southern California.

The “mother chapter”―as the members call it―was founded by Danny Aguilar in 1977. Back in those days, it was common to see Lowrider cars with the Together car club plaque in the back window rolling down infamous cruise strips like Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles. Together simply made a name for itself having quality members with quality rides.

As with any club, there have been ups and downs, and members whom have come and gone. Despite the down times, the club has had a dedicated group of OG members who have stayed the course, remaining loyal in their pursuits of keeping the club and its mission alive. These members have worked hard to ensure that the younger members have a chance to be a part of a club with a rich history. It was these thirty-five years of history that were honored at the banquet, and the importance of the occasion was not lost on the club’s members.

A favorite Mexican restaurant among many of the local West Covina residents is Villa Tepeyac, which opened its doors to this location back in 1992. Together car club members, new and old, brought their significant others to the venue and were catered to the best chicken and steak dinners the restaurant had to offer. The 200-plus attendees were also treated to a special picture slide show that was projected onto a big screen canvas, showcasing photographs that spanned the club’s history. DJ Mateo provided the always-lovable musical genres of funk and oldies.

Many members from the Chicago, Illinois chapter of Together car club flew out to California to show support for the special night as well. Although their chapter’s 10th anniversary is coming up in late 2013, this particular event was all about the mother chapter’s big milestone celebration.

Adam Amarillas, a 20-year member and current president of the mother chapter, hosted the banquet and spoke to the audience throughout the night. His vice president, Marcel Perez, sergeant, Richard Martinez, and treasurer, Manuel Marcus, were also in attendance. Efren Betancourt, Mario Cayogon, Louis Gonzalez, and Fred Ramirez were some of the celebrated club members given lifetime achievement awards―honoring their support and dedication to the mother chapter over the many years!