The Las Vegas Super Show is always larger than life, so when they sent out the hop invitations, they called on the industry’s best. With twenty invites out to the country’s top competitors, this year’s hydraulic show was a must-see event. Cars came from far and wide to go head-to-head in this grand event.

The battle of the Street Class was lead by Chris Jimenez, as his ’88 Chevrolet Monte Carlo won the crowd over. Frank Castillo and Tomas Aguilar also put on quite the show for the crowd.

The Truck Class hop was highly anticipated this year as rumor had it that there was some side bet action on who would win and how high the trucks would actually get. First up in this year’s hop was local Ron Eggers of Black Magic Hydraulics and his ’85 Mazda, which reached 102 inches. Up next was CCE Hydraulics with their ’91 Mazda, which took the lead as it topped out at 104 inches. Aerial Avila quickly smoked the first two competitors as he maxed out at 118 inches. Last up out of Houston, Texas was Shorty’s ’88 Mazda. Shorty’s Mazda was well prepared, and it bested the competition with a crazy 120-inch performance, winning both the competition and the crowd over in the process.

With the crowd pumped up from the truck’s performance, the Car Dance was up next, as Arizona’s Alex Fregoso and his ’86 Cutlass went head-to-head against Shorty’s Hydraulics ’87 Blazer. During the exhibition of moves and after both cars had done what they were going to do; the crowd decided that the victor was Shorty’s Blazer.

The Radical Class had eight vehicles, but the end results of the hop-off crowned Rob Robertson with his ’64 Impala/Toyota. Yes, you read that right; Rob actually took the body off his old Toyota truck and grafted a ’64 Impala body to it. The Impala killed it as it hit 106 inches without getting stuck, as some of the others did.

With twenty stellar vehicles on display, this year’s competition was a good one, as everybody that came out wanted to be top dog in the year’s biggest hop competition. With this season a wrap, we will have to wait until next year to see if these title holders will be able to hang onto their crowns or if some new hop kings will step up and take their thrones.