It happens every year; the annual Lowrider Super Show in Las Vegas blows by in the blink of an eye. All those long days and nights of blood, sweat, and tears in the garage come to fruition in this event that pits the world’s best against the rest. The event was held at Cashman Field this year and those long hours paid off for some, and didn’t for others, as the deadlines and entry qualifications for the premier Lowrider competition are strict and fair. They always say, “If you snooze, you lose,” which is true, but in our world; “If you snooze, you don’t cruise.” You don’t get a chance to compete for bragging rights, either, as every competitor brings their A-game to this event, keeping details at a maximum and procrastination at a minimum. With the help of show sponsors Lucas Oil, Hydraulic Energy, Krazy Kutting, and Wholesale Travels Planners, the show was a success as the event was completely sold out along with 800 of the nation’s top Lowrider vehicles on full display. While the faces change every year for the Super Show, the stories remain the same. Throughout the year, people tried their hand at qualifying for the prestigious “Lowrider of the Year” titles and with that said, the rumor mill was spinning about which cars would make the biggest impact. One of those cars was the new “Perfect Score,” which was supposed to be the replacement for the one that was totaled in an automobile accident a few years ago. This one just stayed in the rumor pile, however. Another common story was spun about those unlucky contestants who broke down on the way to the show and never made it to the venue at all. Others had the nightmare of never being picked up by their scheduled transporters, leaving these sad cars stuck in their hometowns during the year’s biggest event. Overall, there were more stories this year about entrants trying and failing to make it out than ever before. For those lucky enough to make the trip, the event was well worth the trouble.

Some of the attendees from Vegas included the Royals C.C. that celebrated their 20-year anniversary. They also debuted Lyle’s ‘61 Impala, “Pretty Penny.” Another ’61 Impala that had people talking was New York’s Drastic car club’s “Rotten Apple,” owned by Terrance Keeby. This six-one East coast special featured all of the modern bells and whistles. The Imperials had a nice line up that included the freshly redone 1974 Monte Carlo, “Spirit Runner,” owned by Brandon Gonzalez, “Jimmy’s Dream,” a 1950 Chevrolet owned by Jose Zendejas, and George Victoria’s 1965 Impala convertible. South Side car club came out in full force and was ready to show how they ran the OG class with Jesse Holquin’s 1958 that won the original of the year category. The Street Players C.C. debuted the 1960 classic, “The Payback,” owned by Big Dre that kicked off their strong line up too. Other Vegas clubs included One Luv and Jim Brown’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air. The Klique C.C. had a strong line up as usual that featured a custom-painted ‘59 El Camino, followed by a few of their cover cars, including Saul’s “Not Guilty.” The Traditionals C.C. included a few new cars including the “Dark Side ‘58” owned by Chris Roark, who won the Traditional of the Year title. After chasing the Lowrider of the Year title, Doug Vigil fell short against the defending two-time Lowrider of the Year “El Rey” the popular 1963 Impala convertible owned by Albert De Alba. Some of the other heavy hitters included Texas’ Leal Brothers who brought out their big guns.

As always the Majestics rolled deep to the show, and Rollerz Only made a strong showing as well. USO also celebrated their anniversary with the support of most of their chapters. The GoodTimes C.C. took the opportunity to make it known that they would be here to stay as a family club. The Impala’s car club was one of the other clubs that people took notice of as they keep increasing the membership of their family club.“DGA Tees”

Entertainment wasn’t only limited to the four-wheel artists, musical artists made the event a party as well, with festivities kicked off by long-time favorite Li’l Rob. West Coast veteran and musical maestro DJ Quik rocked a set full of his numerous classics and showed why he is still one of the best to ever do it. New Jersey natives, Naughty By Nature also killed it, with a great set of their hits, leaving the crowd ready for the bikini contest that immediately followed the concert. Once that was done, it was a wrap for the show as attendees waited around for the final results. All in all, this anniversary tour was certainly another one to remember.

Winners List

Best of Show: Bicycle

Amado Vargas
Kevin Vierra
Mike Rangel

Best of Show: Trike

Ayerin Sandavol
Sam Gallegos
David Cervantes

Lowrider Excellence

Albert De Alba – 1963 Chevy Impala

Best of Show: Original ’69 and Below

Jesse Holguin – 1958 Impala
Jazz Restoration – 1957 Bel Air
Rex Weeks – 1957 Bel Air

Best of Show: Traditional Lowrider

Chris Roarke – 1958 Impala
Mario Mercado 1977 Cadillac
Saul Vasquez – 1959 Impala

Best of Show: Truck

Hecto Esquivel – 1998 Tahoe
Juan Pable Sifvents – 1991 Silverado
Ernie Gonzalez – 1987 Nissan

Best of Show: Car

Albert De Alba – 1963 Impala
Doug Vigil – 1964 Impala
George Victoria – 1965 Impala

Best of Show: Bomb

Gene Bare – 1954 Chevrolet
Mario De Alba – 1936 Chevrolet
Jose Zendejas – 1950 Chevrolet

<center>“Lowrider of the year once again”</center> <center>“Bomb of the year”</center>