While other Lowriding magazines have come and gone, Lowrider Magazine has been lucky enough to withstand the test of time, and our 35th year anniversary is a testament to that. We are honored that our longevity has led to so many fans and friends, many of whom grew up admiring the magazine and longing to one day be able to build a car worthy enough to grace our pages. We were also honored to celebrate our history and tradition at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, CA. The Saturday evening show was the perfect occasion to celebrate our achievement with our Nor Cal supporters.

The weather was cloudy with temperatures in the mid-80s as the Azteca rig rumbled into Woodland for the event, which is also the biggest show in Nor Cal. The Woodland show has often marked the end of the Nor Cal car show season, but it is also considered to be the preview show of what’s to come at the Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show. Being a sanctioned show and two weeks before the Super Show, Woodland is the perfect place for many of the more secretive sweepstakes contenders to make their debut while qualifying for Las Vegas. The $15,000 in cash and prizes was also a good incentive for the heavy hitters to come out and put their rides and their pride on the line.

The Bombs were dropped, literally, at this year’s show as three new sweepstake competitor-Bombs made their debuts. The first head-turner was Jose Zendejas’ ’50 Chevy, named “Jimmy’s Dream” from Imperials car club; a tribute build to honor the memory of Jose’s late brother, Jimmy. Jaime Esquivel’s ’37 from Lifetime car club in Toppenish, WA., was the second impressive Bomb to break out at the show. The ’37, known as “The Wicked One,” showed up molded with half the roof cut. The third Bomb unveiled at the show was the new version of “Inferno II” from Rollerz Only car club, which had received a full makeover as it was completely redone from top to bottom.

Texas’ Del Valle car club made quite the impression with an incredible Cutlass Supreme that had a fully engraved chrome and gold frame, instantly making it a crowd favorite. Another crowd favorite was George’s yellow ’65 convertible from Imperials car club named “Cruel Intentions,” along with Goodtimes car club’s ’77 Cadillac, “Area 51.” Some of the other car clubs that made an impact at the show included Traffic, Tradiciones, Parliament, Luxurious, Impalas, Oldies, New Style, Evil Threat, Uso, Elite, Estilo, Skanless, Untouchables, Life’s Finest, Aztecas, Nite Life, Family First, Individuals, Premacy, and Compadres to name a few. The show concluded with a concert hosted by Beer Run Bobby that featured the original members of War, who came out and played some of their greatest hits. All told, the show was a complete success and we can’t wait to see what is in store for the 2013 show. We at Lowrider Magazine appreciate and are thankful for the hard work and support put forth in the promotion and production of the annual Woodland Car Show by Marcella Rodriguez. In this past year 2012 Tour Stop, the shows theme was a tribute to Lowrider’s 35th year celebration. Lowrider and the lowrider community are grateful for the continued passion towards this traditional event of which she is responsible for.