The Carnales Unidos car club has always been known for being involved in their community and the Fresno chapter is no exception. This chapter of the club met in order to figure out what their next community outreach endeavor would be. Unanimously, the club decided for the second year in a row to throw a show that would benefit Cornerstone Community Care in Fresno. Cornerstone Community Care is a non-profit organization that provides care for kids and at-risk teens from the local community. The decision was made to host the event at Mosqueda Center. “In the late 90s – early 2000s, the Mosqueda Center was a hot spot to host events, and it is also located in the heart of Fresno,” says Carnales Unidos President, Mickey. The event was free for the community and there were plenty of activities at the event for all ages and walks of life. The show kept a keen focus on kids, as evidenced by the “kids fun zone” set up at the event. This section of the show had a bounce house, face painting, a bicycle repair area, and a few other activities to keep the kids in a positive frame of mind. The event also had a Mariachi Band and a local band playing throughout the show. With a great turnout, it’s clear that this show is growing and the club is hoping to have an even bigger turnout next year. “The event couldn’t happen without all the support we got from all the local car clubs who came down to supported the community,” says Mickey. Thanks go out to all three chapters of Carnales Unidos and the staff of Cornerstone Community Care for putting on a great event. We’ll see you next year!