This year marked Socios car club’s 10th Annual car show in Sacramento, CA., and their biggest one to date with 710 entries vying for appreciation and recognition. “Just like we’ve done every year, we made it free for all the spectators,” says Gabe Mijares, President of Socios car club. Thanks to their respect and appreciation for the culture and its enthusiasts, the show has become one of the largest in northern California.. “We take pride in funding the whole show ourselves,” says Gabe. “We don’t have major sponsors or promoters helping us out. We also gave out some really nice plaques this year, and people seemed to be really impressed with the quality of the awards and judging.” While most shows bring out well-known musical acts, Socios puts an emphasis on cultural pride, bringing out Aztec dancers and traditional Mexican folk dancers to perform for the crowd instead.

Apart from having the most entries ever, this year’s show also boasted the most vendors that they have ever had. Some of those vendors included Bonafide Hustla, Lowrider Scene, and also a few other key vendors from out of state.

Next year’s show is already in the works and if everything goes as planned, it will be held again at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento on Memorial Day weekend. “I would like to thank all my club members and their families for their hard work and for always putting in the best effort. This show couldn’t happen without their efforts,” praises Gabe Mijares. Thanks to the efforts and full support of their club members, Socios are undoubtedly destined for another decade of greatness with their annual car show.