While “a show by any other name is not the same,” may be true, no matter whether you know it as the Extreme Autofest or Lowriderfest, the event always brings out some killer rides and this year’s show was no different. The Lowriderfest came to Angels Stadium parking lot in Anaheim, CA., on June 10th 2012, and like it always does, the event combined multiple automotive lifestyles into one location. This fusion gives the show a great diversity that all automotive customizers can appreciate. When we first walked in, we saw Lowriders to our left, Dubs to our right, and Imports in front. The show drew about 500 entries, with some of those entries including heavy hitters like this year’s Lowrider of the year, “El Rey,” from Elite car club. Some of the car clubs on hand included Klique, Impalas, Nokturnal, Swift, Xplicit, Elite, Techniques, and a few others.

Show highlights included the Multiple Car Hop, where several participants hopped their rides at the same time, and some of the high-powered imports performed a drift demo for the crowd as well, with the most experienced drivers behind the wheels drifting sideways in a chaotic display of controlled driving. With an impressive Model Showcase, the show had plenty of eye candy walking around. Some of the models included our own Ela Passion and future Lowrider Magazine model, Alexis Ramirez. At the conclusion of the highly awaited bikini contest, our future cover model, Raquel Estrella, took first place. All in all, this show proved yet again why it is on the “must-attend” list of yearly automotive events.