June gloom is a Southern California term for a weather pattern in late spring and summer that results in overcast skies and cool temperatures. What was not expected was a steady drizzle of rain throughout Southern California. This weather was not ideal for a car show, but Classic Lowriders car club had other ideas.

Despite the outlook of some car show getting cancelled because of weather, we made our way to Amino Leadership Charter High School in Inglewood, California, for the Classic Lowriders car club annual car show fundraiser, and were shocked at what we found. Much to our surprise, the weather was a non-factor as the show grounds were packed with cars, trucks, motorcycles and bikes that came out in droves to support the club’s fundraiser! As we made our way around the show, the mood was festive and people did not seem to pay any mind to the unseasonably low temperatures or constant drizzle. Quite a few people commented to us that they Lowride no matter what the weather conditions are, since they build their cars for the streets.

The Los Angeles chapter of La Gente car club came out to support as did Latin World, Westside car club, Westside Originals, High Class car club, Stylistics, and the Dukes car club, who were also all in attendance. Quite a few 1956 to 1959 Chevys were at the show, which was a treat for the crowd. A number of them were convertibles, which is not surprising, since the Westside of Los Angeles is close to the coastline. There was a beautifully restored 1958 Chevy Impala with Level Air that was quite the attention getter on hand as well.

Classic Lowriders made sure those in attendance were entertained with music from a live band as well as a DJ. There were vendors selling toys, car parts, and food. A number of the high school clubs had their own booths to raise money for their clubs.

Even though the weather was less than desirable, Classic Lowriders once again put on a great show. The club would like to dedicate the show to Classic Lowriders member Jimmy Papik, who passed away in 2011. Ride in Peace, Jimmy.