La Luz De Mi Corazon

Timeless Art Gallery

Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery in Upland, California, played host to an art opening featuring some heavy hitters from the Sullen Clothing family of artists. Tucked away amongst the boutiques and bistros, the artists run gallery was designed to allow friends and colleagues a chance to showcase their talents in an intimate and friendly environment. The packed venue was filled with onlookers all trying to catch a glimpse of the stunning artwork that hung from each and every wall. Even legendary tattoo artist Corey Miller put down the machine for a night to showcase some of his paint and pencil mastery. As the line for the free booze outlasted the available supply, the Jarritos girls were busy like bees trying to fill in the gaps with sugary beverages for the thirsty crowds. This night’s attention was focused around famed artist Gustavo Rimada and his latest collection of finished work. Recently, his art has gained much deserved attention with various clothing lines and art dealers around the world. This night was meant to serve as celebration of his art to date and to give a glimpse into his future work.