If I had to pick a motto for the year 2011, I’d have to say it would be the phrase “hard work pays off.” The saying is pretty self explanatory and seems to apply to all aspects of life. Some might see it as a cliché but we see it proven time and time again; the harder you work, the more you’ll benefit from the hard work. “Hard work pays off” also applies to those who participate in our lowrider culture as well. For the car owners, hard work never ends. You have to work day and night to make enough money to build your dream car and you also have to find time to do the work as well! Not to mention how hard the car clubs have to work to ensure that their car shows, cruise nights, and picnics will be successful and without any problems. Sometimes this is easier said than done. You have to deal with city rules and ordinances, contend with the weather, and make sure your crowd stays in the right mood by making them as comfortable as possible. In this case, the hard work does pay off, and trophy winners and fans alike owe it to those quality show promoters and car clubs because their hard work is what makes any event enjoyable.

One such scholar of this theory is Richard, from Royal Fantasies car club. For the past 12 years, Richard and his club have constantly put in work every year to successfully put on their annual show at Corona High School. From securing permits to acquiring sponsors and promoting the show, the pay off for Richard and club is a show full of amazing rides, great music, and a happy crowd. As it had been for well over a decade, 2011’s show was a strong showing of what the lowrider culture is all about.

The first Sunday in August of 2011 was the chosen date for Royal Fantasies’ annual show and the weather was not a factor. With the temperatures warm and the sky sunny, the line to get into the show at Corona High School was down the street and around the block well before the show’s start time. Over 400 entries made their way into the school grounds, and car clubs and solo riders from all over the Southland came out to support the show. As we walked around the event and talked to the crowd, many of them remarked that they have been faithfully coming to this show every year since the inaugural date. Groupe car club came out with a large number of their rides from different chapters. Tradition C.C. also showed up with a few of their club’s cars, including Club President Mike Leos’ Lowrider Magazine-featured 1953 Chevy Bel Air. Rollerz Only showed up ready to do battle with Orlando Ceballos’ “Game Over” Cadillac as well as a few more of their most notable rides. Uniques, Illustrious, Classic Style, and Latin Bombas are just some of the clubs that came out to show off their best and compete for a trophy. China Man and the Majestics Car Club were also on hand to support the show. They remarked that it was their first time at the show and they vowed to be back for the 2012 date, and we vowed to do the same!

Royal Fantasies had a large amount of vendors at the show; Hoppo’s Hydraulics, Best Buy, and Star Auto Parts were just a few of the sponsors on hand. For those looking for auto parts, electronics, or clothing, these vendors made them available for purchase. There were also plenty of food and drink vendors at the show, much to the crowd’s delight. In fact, the Mendoza’s Snow Cones booth was so popular that they ran out of ice and had to close their booth. It probably had to do with the fact that the temperature was aiming for the 100 degree mark!

The live entertainment for the show was provided by a live band, and the ever-popular Master of Ceremony and DJ Mike Lopez, aka “The Cholo DJ,” kept the crowd entertained with his musical selections as well as his dance contest for the children in attendance.

After a day of hot cars and hot weather, it was time for the trophy presentation. Those that didn’t go home with trophies still went home with smiles after spending the day at the show. Royal Fantasies hard work paid off again in 2011, so you know they will be back in 2012 for their thirteenth annual car show, and so will we! Make sure you come out and join us if you have not had a chance to attend this show; it is one you should not miss!