This year’s PPG paint invite served two purposes. First, it was a chance to have work shown at SEMA this past November, but most importantly, the event was the perfect excuse to show off the company’s waterborne candy paint finishes. This year’s paint jam was all about having fun as the painters who were invited to the annual invitational showed off their skills. After a quick safety review, they were given complete freedom by PPG instructors Paul Stoll and Frank Ramos, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

This year’s invitational had some of last year’s painters come back for round two, with a roster that consisted of the following: Danny Galvez, Josh Culver, Marvin Shivnarain, and Zack Felix. New to this year’s event were Steve Deman, Manuel Cisneros, Sorel Knobler and the legendary custom painter, Wild Bill Carter. The event has definitely gotten better over time, as the painters have all fed off of each other’s creativiy to create beautiful art pieces.

Since SEMA, some people have actually seen the hoods and have questioned the materials used, as they are so vibrant. With an exhibition like this one, there is no doubt that the paint industry has stepped up to produce quality paint. Now check out the exclusive behind the scenes pictures at PPG’s paint bash.