With tradition comes history, and Oldies Car Club couldn’t have picked a more historic setting for their Oldies Car Show and Concert this past summer. San Fernando High School was established in 1896, making it one of the oldest schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District and the perfect location for one of San Fernando’s oldest running car shows. This Oldies Car Show and Concert has been around for years and is one of the scene’s must-attend events each year. This year’s show was held in August 2011 and the Oldies crew put their heart and soul into the occasion.

Keeping an emphasis on a family oriented atmosphere, the festivities kicked off at 10 A.M. and continued until 5 P.M. with over 600 show cars spread throughout the school’s premises. While many different styles of cars were on hand for bragging rights, Oldies showed love to all of the varieties of builds with cash prizes for “Best of Show” classes and six-foot trophies. Those classes included Car, Truck, Bomb, and Bike. A good representation of So Cal’s best and brightest car clubs showed up to this long-running show. Some of the car clubs in attendance included USO, Carnales Unidos, Premier, Westside, Los Angeles, Klique, One Bad Creation, La Gente, Stylistics, Ultimate Riders, Goodtimes, Pachuco, Old Memories, and a few other clubs and solo riders. The show also featured a car hop, with Young Hogg sponsoring the competition with cash prizes for all the winners.

When it came time for the entertainment portion of the evening, duties were handed over to crowd favorite MC Magic, who performed many of his classic songs, much to the delight of the ladies in attendance. Also sharing the stage were Mister D, Sleepy Malo, and a few other notable performers. A movie star was in the mix as well, and it was none other than “Machete,” himself! Venerable silver screen actor Danny Trejo was on hand, fresh off the success of the film “Machete,” and he walked around the show signing autographs and taking photos with his fans. Also in attendance was Lou Pizzaro, from the TV series “Operation Repo.”

As is always the case with this show, Oldies outdid themselves for yet another year, and I would like to thank all of the members of the Oldies car club for the hospitality at the show. Make sure that you mark this show down in your calendar for next year, as it is certainly not a show that you want to miss!.