While death is a certainty within each of our lifetimes, it is no less easy to deal with when it happens. We all want more time here, and the loss of that opportunity is one that weighs heavy on many of us who have lost a loved one. While losing a member of your family is heartbreaking; losing a child is especially hard. As parents, we never want to have to bury our children. The act of doing so is every parent’s biggest fear and it is even tougher to deal with when we lose that child to a random violent act.

Fred Flores lost his son, Alfred, to a random violent act in April of 2009. He was only 18 years old and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fred, who has worked in community outreach for years, lost his son to the very thing he was trying to prevent; gang violence.

In honor of his son’s life, Fred decided to create the Alfred Anthony Flores Jr. Evolution Award and Scholarship. This award is to be presented to a young person who has used their personal struggles to evolve into a productive and positive member of the community. Seeking to raise funds for the award, Fred partnered with the San Fernando Valley’s Pachuco Car Club, Communities in Schools, and the San Fernando Valley Partnership. The group secured the Hansen Dam Aquatic Facility for a beautiful Saturday back in April, as the site to host a fundraiser car show that would help Fred meet his goal of creating the scholarship.

The host club, Pachuco Car Club, made sure the set up flowed smoothly and quickly before that gates opened to the public. Before long, Lowriders started rolling in early to show their support. Some clubs that made their way to this great event included Oldies, Bomb Pride, Latin Dukes, Low Lifes, Southside Car Club, as well as other clubs and solo riders from the surrounding areas.

Throughout the day, visitors at the show were able to hear live music, browse the booths for food, drinks, or something to buy, and take in the sights and sounds of some of the area’s pristine Lowriders. The day concluded with the trophy presentation, and those in attendance also took home the satisfaction of knowing they had played a part in something bigger than a Saturday afternoon. The event organizers accomplished exactly what they intended to do; they raised funds for the scholarship fund, and helped to keep the memory of Alfred Anthony Jr. alive.