Sometimes we can all become consumed with our cars. We spend hours and hundreds of dollars being obsessed with our own projects and it’s always a good idea to take a step back and realize that while our cars become our lives; life is bigger than a Lowrider. The majority of the spectators who walked through the Cicero Community Park in Cicero, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, saw the finest arrangements in custom vehicles. The show was a great display of Lowrider prowess but for Pesados Car Club, it was deeper than that. Their sixth annual car show had a double purpose as it was held also to remember one of the most dynamic car enthusiasts in the Chicago area. Known as “Diamond Girl,” Marcellina Toledo had been with the club since its inception and was clearly one of the club’s most dedicated members. In February 2011, Marcellina lost her life and left a void that the Lowrider culture in the area felt deeply. Pesados President, Efrain Moreno, decided to dedicate this event to “Diamond Girl.”

While the show was bittersweet to some, it was a success to all, as the large parking lot was filled to the maximum with Lowrider faithful who arrived in groups to honor her memory. An on-site barber was there donating Locks of Love as well as a bounce house for the children to enjoy. Some of the clubs in attendance included Together C.C., Imaginations, Clandestind, El Barrio, The Outfit, Somosuno, All State Love Life, Solitos, Young Riders Bike Club, Southside Cruisers, Low Passion, Rolling Deep, Selective Styles, Independent, Majestics, Originales Four Life and Pura Sangre, just to name a few.

The hop contest took off in full force with ten competitors looking to reach new heights and inspire the spectators on hand. While they did just that, an even more inspirational moment took center stage. Marcellina’s daughter Angelica (Pookie) hopped her mom’s El Camino for the first time, which became a very emotional moment for her. “It’s never something we expect to have happen,” club member “Bomba” told us. “But I know Marcellina would be very proud to see how many people came out to remember her.” While the moment was somber, it also brought out the optimism and spirit of the community, who rallied in support of their fallen angel and proved that life will roll on in her memory. The word “pesados” in Mexican-Spanish translates to “roll hard with full force.” That’s what this dedicated family has done and will continue to do in order to carry on her name and passion.