Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” The famous call from boxing announcer Michael Buffer could not be more fitting for one of Las Vegas’ seminal events; the Lowrider Las Vegas Super Show, which is annually, the most anticipated Lowrider show on the scene. People from around the world flock to the desert oasis for a weekend of gambling and booze, and somewhere in the middle of it all, our culture makes time for the biggest Lowrider Car show of the year. Returning back to Cashman Center at the edge of downtown Vegas, this year’s event boasted the largest turnout of the year with nearly 900 entries all parking in the center for a grab at the cash prizes. With approximately 100,000 square feet of indoor space and nearly triple that outdoors, the center was turned into a Lowrider city overnight!“Prestigious”

As the cars lined up for roll in, a look of relief was seen on the faces of the entrants as the 5.20s finally met the pavement. Tired, weary, and exhausted from the last minute preparations and travel for the show, the entrants got a second wind as they began setting up for the countless attendees and judges that would soon be examining their pristine rides from hood to trunk.

The winning entry for the coveted Lowrider of the Year award went out to Elite’s Albert DeAlba who busted out his ’63 named “El Rey” at the Los Angeles stop of the Lowrider Tour. Nipping at DeAlba’s heels was Jesus Ortega’s ’87 Monte Carlo and Brandon Brusca’s ’63 from Lifestyle Car Club. In the Truck competition, Juan SiFuentes’ ’91 Chevy snatched the title of Best of Show in the truck category from 2nd place winner Sal Sierra III. EuFemio Valenciano’s ’51 Chevy placed a close third to round out the big dogs.

Outside in the sunshine, the glare from the flakes and candys turned an empty arena parking lot into a an oasis of color and chrome. Around each bend, nook, and cranny lay another car, truck, or bicycle filling the show to capacity. Many of next year’s indoor hopefuls were on display waiting patiently for a spot in the main arena. Nico Flores’ 2007 Radio Flyer, along with Tony Ortega’s trike, took home top honors for the two and three wheelers.

On stage, legendary artists Ice Cube and WC proved why they are an integral part of hip hop culture as the veterans tore through a barrage of hits with a performance worthy of an arena ten times the size. As they performed, the crowd screamed, cheered and filled every inch of the concert area bringing the energy to a fever pitch. The annual bikini contest also didn’t disappoint, as it was like the cherry on the top of a long event filled weekend.

As the buzz of the weekend wore off and the hangovers kicked in, the oasis returned again to a desert. The bags were packed and the trailers were loaded, but not without camera cards full of captured moments destined to cause trouble online. Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas; it ends up on the Internet and in this magazine. Enjoy!

Winners List

Bicycle best of show

1st: Nico Flores, Rollerz Only
2nd: Ernest Serrato, Rollerz Only
3rd: Armando Vargas, Top Dogs

Trike Best of Show

1st: Tony Ortega, Rollerz Only
2nd: David Cervantes, Good Times
3rd: Jo Jo Duran, Spirit

Original ’69 and Below Best of Show

1st: Alfredo Gonzales, Southside C.C.
2nd: Rodney Rey Weeks, Oldies
3rd: Angelo Lopez, Traditionals

Bomb Best of Show

1st: Mario DeAlba, Elite
2nd: Danny S., Tradtionals
3rd: Pear Hernandez, Phoeniquera Classics

Truck Best of Show

1st: Juan SiFuentes, Brown Impression
2nd: Sal Sierra III, Rollerz Only
3rd: EuFemio Valenciano, Aztlan“Stylistically”

Traditional Lowrider Best of Show

1st: Chris Roark, Traditionals
2nd: Johnny Salters, Premier
3rd: Bobby Mack, Showtime

Car Best of Show

1st: Albert DeAlba, Elite
2nd: Jesus Ortega
3rd: Brandon Brusca, Lifestyle C.C.

Lowrider Excellence

Albert DeAlba, Elite

<center>“Lowrider of The Year 2011”</center.