Very few states have a reputation for warm weather throughout the year. Florida, particularly South Florida, can claim just that. In the location of beautiful women and flashy cars, the “Dirty South” as it’s known, can boast of summer in the triple digits and winter in the 80’s. Occasionally threatened by scattered storms, South Florida has been touted as the perfect weather location for years. When it came time for Majestics of Miami to hold their annual picnic, the choice was clear. Hundreds of vehicles rolled into the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami, as families gathered and barbecue grills were fired up in the name of celebration.

Some of the clubs in attendance were Unique, Good Times, Sudden Impact, Rollerz Only, Straight Pimpin’, USO, 25th Street Riders, PuroLows, Enchanted Dreamz, and Swift, to name a few. A playground at the park ensured there was enough entertainment for the entire family. “I will attend every Lowrider event they have here in Florida,” says Crystal Neikirk of Port St. Lucie, Florida. “Even if I travel for hours to these events, the gathering is always worth it.” With constant dedication for the Lowrider culture in Florida, there will always be a forum for custom cars.

Majestics wish to thank everyone who came out to support their event. The next picnic is already in the works, so look for it soon!