Growing up, I remember attending the annual L.A. auto show and as I got older, I wondered to myself what this place looked like full of Lowriders. It seemed like a far-fetched notion, but finally, my question was answered by Sam Torres of Torres Empire. Sam put together the first Lowrider happening of this modern century, and though they said it couldn’t be done, after 30 years there was another Lowrider happening at the prestigious Los Angeles Convention Center. The one-day event was planned out with so much anticipation that people moved in on Friday and Saturday, making it feel like a three-day event as people came from all over to be a part of this historic show.

The indoor/outdoor event was filled to capacity as the Fire Marshall forced the Sam Torres crew to turn away cars, since the venue proved to be too small for the day’s event. When the dust settled, the show had around 700 cars on full display, many of which came from miles around to be included. Attendees made the long haul from Portland, Northern California, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, and of course the hosting city of Los Angeles to be a part of this unique event. The venue was adorned with colorful cars as some of the vehicles came out to qualify for the Las Vegas Super Show, held in October.

Some of the clubs that attended included La Gente, Islanders, Socios, USO, Santana, Carnales Unidos, Traffic, High Class, Lifestyle, Elite, Stylistics, South Side, Latin Life, Thee Artistics, Oldies, Old Memories, Tovars, Together, Techniques, Rare Class, Our Style, Premier, Street Style, Connected, Evil Treats, Classics, LA Times, Style, Good Times, Showtime, Nite Life, Straight Clowning, One Bad Creation, De Aquellas, Our Style, Individuals, New Style, Uniques, Delagation, Imperials, Klique, Majestics, Rollerz Only, Los Angeles, Unidos and New Crowd.

From show cars to the variety of live music, the Convention Center played host to the gambit of Lowrider culture. Sounds as diverse as the Tamboraso were played in one part of the convention space, while Mariachi music played in another as Albert De Alba debuted his 1963 Impala convertible “El Rey”. The Imperials had a music lounge playing the ‘70s classics as well. Given the day’s family atmosphere, it was a natural for Sam Torres to name his tour the Family Affair. With such a great turnout, we will have to see what is next for Sam Torres and his show crew. This one was certainly a show for the ages. Take a look at some of the cars that attended this historic weekend in the lovely City of Angels.

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