One of the biggest growths in our culture has occurred on the east coast of the United States, especially in the great state of Virginia. The culture has grown so much there within the past five years that the state has become one of the most popular states for custom car shows on the east coast. Virginia-based car club, Just Klownin, was started in 2005 by a group of four friends who grew up together and shared their love of custom vehicles. “We were trying to join different clubs and decided it would make more sense to begin our own club,” President Mikey Valle tells us. When it came time to hold their first show, they chose the historical Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

What began as a small get-together ended up with over 200 custom vehicles filling every spot in the park! The club was elated to see so much support from the surrounding community, and it is this shared enthusiasm that has really helped to spread Lowrider culture across the United States. Those in attendance did get rewarded for their efforts, as Just Klownin provided free food and drinks for everyone on hand, who spent the day eating and enjoying the multitude of rides in the park. As they strolled the grounds, the crowd was treated to the sounds of a live DJ spinning records; and for the children (and a few like-minded adults) a face painter was on site to transform anybody who was interested in taking on a disguise. The hydraulic hop contest brought the crowd together as Dana Powel of Street Dreamz showed off “Goldie,” his Buick Regal, launching it to new heights. Jesse Amaya from Fairfax also wowed the crowd with his show stopping Impala that made its hopping debut at the show.

Just Klownin wishes to thank everyone in attendance, and they are grateful for all of the cars and trucks that came out to support the Lowrider movement which has grown to one of the largest active communities in Virginia. “The turnout was more than we expected,” Just Klownin member Charlie Munoz tells us with a smile. “I’m glad we were able to provide a place for everyone to enjoy a great weekend.” A great first annual show only leaves room for even more excitement, and we expect to be back in Virginia next year to see the Just Klownin Show & Picnic shine again!