The whole reason for our Japan trip was finally here, as the day of the Japan Lowrider Super Show had arrived! The show took place in the southeastern side of the main island in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in all of Japan and was the perfect host to this large show.

As we pulled up to the show’s parking lot, we noticed two huge differences between the Japan Lowrider show and the American Lowrider show. The first difference was that most, if not all of the vehicles were driven to the show, and there was no evidence of trailers in the parking lots. The second was the fact that dozens and dozens of beautiful Lowriders in the parking lot would be deemed worthy as show competitors in the states, but not in Japan.“Greengo Looking Better Than Ever”

The Japan Super Show kicked off with the hop competition. In Japan, the hoppers nose up against each other, two at a time, and are eliminated one by one until a winner is chosen. This year’s hop captivated the crowd as always, and we were no different.

Entertainment was also at a high level, thanks to the singing duo named the Rude Playerz, who took the stage and got the crowd going with some of their Zapp and Roger covers, before the DJ took over and started mixing some west coast rap music.

With this being a major event within the Japanese scene, many clubs came out to support the event. Some of the clubs in attendance included One Forty Rollerz, Primera, Homies, Pharaohs, Courageous, Stylistics, High Style, Fragrance, K-Square, Generals, Continental Kings, Soul Crew, Specialist, Liberal, Majesty, RadicalOnes, Top Labels, IV Life, Life the Ghetto, Hustlerz, California Image, Whole 9, Purple Haze, Endless, Develops and a few additional clubs as well.

As far as quality rides were concerned, a plethora of those were on hand as well; especially ‘56’s, ‘57’s, ‘58’s and ‘59’s, which were all very prevalent at the show. Two-door, Euro-ed out Cadillacs were also out in big numbers at the show, as these rides have maintained their popularity overseas for a while now.

I would like to thank One Forty Rollerz, Viejitos Japan Chapter and everyone else that guided us and showed us around Japan. A special thanks to Coast One, Mosco and Jimmy for being road dogs. We hope to be back in Japan in the near future!

<center>“ Contnental Kings ‘64”</center>

<center>“Souki Paint Job”</center> <center>“1979 Mercury Cougar”</center>