One of the great aspects of our culture is our focus on the youth; especially the sons and daughters who will eventually take our keys from us to become the next generation of Lowrider enthusiasts. Using this as a motivation, the South LA and Eastside chapters of Old Memories Car Club team collaborated for their Fourth Annual Pedal Car, Model Car and Lowrider Bicycle Show in June of 2011. This show was put together by these clubs to showcase some of the non traditional styles of Lowrider ingenuity, as building amazing creations is not just limited to the garage. The club used the parking lot areas at Boulevard Burgers in Bell, California for the show, and it was just the right amount of space for the clubs and solo riders who came to show off their best.

Memories, Los Aztecas, Best of Friends, and Latin Luxury were some of the clubs set up throughout the show areas, with a number of pedal cars from Pachuco and Old Memories Car Clubs on hand as well. Pedal car builders are not only doing custom paint and body modifications; they are doing suspension modifications as well! We were even treated to a pedal car from Pachuco Car Club equipped with an airbag that was hopping for the crowd throughout the day. Pedal cars are one genre of Lowriding that has really seen a lot of advancements in the ways of design and building, and this show was a great venue for fans to get an up close and personal view of these interesting builds.

There was a covered area with tables set up for the model car displays. Down II Scale and Hub City brought some very intricately detailed model cars. On the tables were a number of very high quality builds including an exact replica of Jesse Valadez’ Gypsy Rose Impala and his casket. Many of the model cars on display had custom paint, interior, and body modifications. Cesar, from Collectors Choice, had a hard time picking just one winner since the quality of the model cars on hand was so outstanding!

A number of sponsors lent a hand to the day’s festivities, including musical entertainment courtesy of radio station Hot 92.3 FM and DJ Chente from the Lost Memories Internet Radio Show. These two music entities really set the tone for the day, as Hot 92.3 came loaded with giveaways for the show attendees, while Chente kept everyone festive with his musical selections. Monster Energy drinks arrived with a truck full of drinks, and Sally the Cupcake Lady had a nice selection of cupcakes for sale, much to the delight of the younger audience in attendance. Boulevard Burgers was also a popular choice for those looking to grab something to eat, as not only did they offer great food; the air conditioned confines of the restaurant offered an air conditioned dining area for the Lowrider fans to briefly escape the June heat.

As the afternoon turned to early evening, it was time to call it a day, but not before the trophy presentation was complete. There’s really nothing better in our culture than seeing the next generation of Lowriders go home clutching a trophy and wearing a smile. After all, these children are the ones that will continue Lowriding long after we are gone.