One of the offshoots of our Lowriding hobby has been the growth of the adjacent model car industry alongside our full size curb cruisers. In order to satisfy this audience, model car shows are becoming increasingly popular amongst those enthusiasts. That’s why it was no surprise to us that on Sunday, May 1st 2011 the So Cal NNL model car show took place again in the San Fernando Valley and was bigger than ever! The show has gained a huge popularity among the model car builders and the show’s growth each year is a testament to this growing subculture. This year saw the show’s biggest turnout, as hundreds of show quality model cars were on display, much to the delight of the public. The fact that this show has an overwhelming Lowrider theme has only increased the public’s response to the event.

Entries came in this year from NorCal, San Diego, and even as far away as Florida to participate in the show. Some of the model car clubs in attendance included Down 2 Scale, M.C.B.A. and a few other notable groups. Some of the model car highlights included the Wagon Man’s arsenal of wagons, which included a modified two door wagon and also a wagon tribute to the legendary Jesse Valadez and his car, Gypsy Rose. One of the most interesting cars on display was a ’57 Bel Air with a working TV in the trunk! The Lowrider model cars ranged from street level build all the way to full radical build, keeping the bar raised for all genres of model cars.

Keep an eye out for next years So Cal NNL Model Car Show, which is sure to be even bigger than all the previous shows! A special thanks goes out to Chris Hale of So Cal NNL for the invite.