One of the reasons that so many transplants from other states settle in California is our climate, especially our weather. Sunshine and pleasant temperatures abound as the weather is usually fairly predictable, leaving most of the days of the year filled with sunny skies and dry warmth. Of course we do get some rain, typically in the early parts of the year like January and February, but by April, the threat of storms is usually gone in the region. Taking these weather patterns into account, Royal Image Car Club planned a benefit car show in La Puente, CA., this past May and they were in for a surprise.

As the day began on the third Sunday of May 2011, Mother Nature made her presence felt in a bad way as a steady downpour of rain fell on SoCal, saturating all in its path. Initially, it looked like the storm would only affect certain areas but it became painfully clear that Royal Image’s show might be in the storm’s path. Frustrated, Nick, from Royal Image Car Club, had already started staging the entrants for the show and the booth for the vendors when the storm began dumping on the city of La Puente. At this point, Nick had a decision to make; call the show off, or continue with it as planned since the weather was supposed to clear up by noon. With input from the car clubs already there and the ones on the way, Nick decided that ‘the show must go on.’ After a couple of hours, Mother Nature rewarded Nick and the club with a sky filled with a beautiful blue hue with some white clouds thrown in for decoration.

The relief was felt by everyone in attendance as car clubs and solo riders from all over Southern California filled the school grounds in support of the fundraiser. Techniques, Our Style, Amigos, Redemption, Southern Royalty, Traffic, Rare Class and Delegation were some of the clubs that brought out their Sunday best. Louie, from Southern Royalty C.C. brought out his revamped “Simple Green” 1952 Chevy Truck, while Mario, from Techniques C.C. had his big body Cadillac “Raider Nation” on display as well.

The vibe for the event was made even more festive thanks to music and MC duties provided by DJ’s OG Chente and Lil Rolas from the Lost Memories Internet Radio Show. The duo did an excellent job in giving the crowd some excellent ambience as they strolled around the school grounds and checked out the cars and vendor booths on hand. There were also performances from the school’s dance teams in the afternoon, much to the delight of the attendees. It was evident that the children had worked very hard on their routines and they were rewarded by hearty rounds of applause for their performance.

At the end of the day, the children helped to remind everybody why they were really there, and the school was fortunate to have support from the local California Highway Patrol office, as well as the many vendors on hand who sold food, drinks, and car parts. The Lost Memories Internet Show also sold some of the music they play on their show, including rare and hard to find Oldies. The proceeds from the show will benefit the children at California School, and they can also thank Mother Nature for pushing the rain through so the show could continue. It just goes to show that she supports the children, just like those of us in the Lowrider community do! We here at Lowrider salute Royal Image Car Club for supporting the school and the community that they call home.