The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado is bustling with a variety of cultures, ranging from cowboys to car fanatics, and everything in between. With Coloradoans, you never know what you’re going to get, much like the weather forecasts of the region. It can go from sunny, to rainy, to windy and cold all in one 24-hour period, and the seasons themselves are just as unpredictable and diverse. Hot summers are ripe for cruising and are even more highly anticipated because of the freezing winters, which serve as the perfect curtain to fix up a top-secret project before the spring thaw. For the first time in 2011, the Lowrider Tour let the cars and girls be the heat, by holding the first ever all-indoor show at the National Western Complex. Boasting over 600,000 square feet, the tough task of filling all of that space with the best in Midwest Lowriding began on Saturday. As show time approached on early Sunday morning, the crowd waiting to get in removed any doubts about flooding the four-story building, as the line wrapped around the entire complex. One by one, the crowd entered and slowly began to fill the venue until each floor was bustling with people.

As the crowd strolled through the venue, they were greeted by some of the highest quality cars the Southwest and Midwest had to offer. Early standouts included a ‘67 burnt orange Impala SS from New Mexico’s Prestigious Car Club, which wowed the crowd with its amazing paint finish. Ralf Garcia drove his white ’66 white Impala with a red ragtop all the way from Stockton, California, just for this show. A local area favorite was the ’64 “Cold Hard Cash,” boasting a clean, timeless design that still looks as fresh as it did on the day it was finished. “City Wide’s ’63” also attracted a crowd as it spun around on a stand to show off a never-ending sea of chrome, splashing on the body and swimming beneath the undercarriage of the classic Chevy. Nothing Else Matters’ green ’59 beauty represented elegance with its simplicity and understated, classic style.

Buried deep within the belly of the complex, an arena usually filled with the antics of bulls and steers instead found itself to be a battleground for some completely different beasts to lock horns; the hoppers. Along with hotties and hip hop stars; this throw down was certainly not your typical Colorado rodeo! Bay Area legend and hip-hop icon, Too Short, was the main performer on the stage, and he had the near-capacity crowd waving from side-to-side for the duration of his performance. As the whistle blew, it was time to bring this year’s show to a close, but not before handling one last and all-important matter of business; it was time for the ladies to show and prove.

No car show is complete without a bikini contest, and this Tour Stop was certainly no exception. Denver didn’t disappoint either, with a lineup as diverse as their weather conditions, beautiful girls in all shapes and sizes made their way to the stage to compete for the cash. Big and small, short and tall; seven lovely ladies shook what the good Lord gave them to a sea of cameras and cell phones. After the dust had settled, it was Jessica, dressed in red, who took home the crown and had the crowd cheering the loudest.

By filling up such a huge complex with a vast array of quality Lowriders and a multitude of dedicated fans, Denver, Colorado easily proved that Lowrider enthusiasm is just as high as it is on the West Coast. In fact, it’s Mile High, and thanks to this year’s capacity crowd and friendly attitudes, LRM can’t wait to return next year to see what else the city of Denver has up its sleeve!