The Salt Lake City valley area of Utah has several Lowrider events each year, but one of the most highly anticipated annual happenings is that of the Victor’s Tires Annual Car Show. This year’s show marked the 5th consecutive year for the show, which took place on June 25, 2011. Blue skies were plentiful as load-in began for the 125 cars and 18 bikes that were registered for the show, and the participants were in a boisterous mood, thanks the weather and camaraderie that filled the air.

This year proved to be no different from the past four years in terms of participation, cementing this event as one of the must-attend events among the Lowrider community in the state. On hand to support the show were several notable car clubs including Luxurious, Ultimate Riders, Salt Lake Riders, Firme Image, Good Times, Como Te Gusta, Classic Lowriders, Hustlers, Sick Wit it, Loco Motion, Uniquw Reflections and Unity Riders, a club that travelled in from the neighboring state of Idaho. Hop prowess came courtesy of Jose from Good Times, who put on a show by hopping 69 inches, and Big John from Good Times, who represented How High Hydraulics from California by putting on a great show and hopping two cars. Pat Evej from Firme Image came home with the best of Show, John Hardy from Ultimate Riders came in 2nd, and Jose Cornejo from Good Times came in 3rd.

This quality event is steeped in tradition and for good reason; Victor’s Tires of Utah has been a mainstay among the local scene since 1997. Owner Victor Galindo is the owner of Victor’s Tires and he started the business out of the garage of his home, catering to friends and family, primarily. After a while his workmanship spoke for itself, and word began to spread that he was a go-to guy when it came to automotive needs. By 1998, he opened his first store with the vision of helping to meet the needs of the Latino community. The success of Victor’s Tires has grown to include a total of eight locations across Utah. They now have stores in Provo, Lehi, Sandy, Ogden, Clearfield, West Valley, and Salt Lake City.

As an upstanding member of the scene, Victor started out by sponsoring local Lowrider shows in Salt Lake and eventually started his own with the help of Mel Garcia, who has been in the Lowriding community for years. Extremely grateful for the community’s support, Victor is thrilled that the show continues to be a success year after year and sees no end in sight for this annual car show. Victor credits and gives thanks to all of the Latino community of the Salt Lake Valley, as well as the entire community at large, and sends his respect and appreciation to the car clubs throughout the area who continue to represent the glorious culture of Lowriding.