A second anniversary is no small feat. It signals the perseverance needed to make it through initial growing pains, symbolizes the renewed commitment of dedication, that commemorates the continued future of those involved. The Majestics Car Club treated their reunion with the utmost respect as well, and while most people celebrate their 2nd anniversary over dinner or with a commemorative pin, the Majestics of Daytona Beach, Florida celebrated their second anniversary the only way they know how. In true Lowrider fashion, the car club held an all-day picnic and show in downtown DeLand, Florida. The temperatures climbed into the blistering triple-digits, as custom cars filed into the iconic Earl Brown Park to celebrate the Majestics achievement. A live DJ was on hand to spin the latest tunes, while all the car clubs setup their grills for lunch.

Among those on hand to support the Majestics were Individuals, USO, Firme Estilo, New Movement, Stars The Limit, Success, Good Times, Stylistics, Impressives, Purolows and Obsession, to name a few. Awards were handed out to reward the excellence of the vehicles on hand. Best of Show was awarded to Eddie Cardenas, who took the honors for his ’84 Buick Regal “Mi Gusto,” a car that seems to have more custom additions every time we see it. Tim Hill’s “Knockout,” an ’85 Chevy Caprice Classic also gathered a top place award followed by Aguileo Reyes’ Lincoln Town Car from Obsession C.C.

As the Majestics of Daytona Beach strive to establish their legacy, Joey Durham, the Majestics Daytona Beach president, wishes to thank everyone in attendance on this momentous occasion for their support. The club’s reputation continues to be synonymous with hard work and dedication, and this was evident as the 2nd anniversary show came to an end. We’ve already marked down their next event on the calendar for 2012. Keep up the great work, guys! n