Tradition is everything in our culture. Naturally, Bomb Club Originals Car Club kept up their holiday celebration tradition by returning to Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California once again for their 8th annual Cinco de Mayo picnic. Of course it’s ideal when this holiday falls on a week, but this year Cinco de Mayo fell on a weekday, so the club chose the following Saturday to host their picnic.

Keeping in line with their established norm, the club reserved their regular spot on the east shore of the park to host this year’s festivities. As soon as the park opened for business, the area began to fill up with families and auto enthusiasts alike. A number of chapters of Groupe Car Club showed en masse, and Danny Boy from the club’s So Cal chapter brought out his famous Monte Carlo. A few of members of Huntington Beach California’s HB Gabachos showed up as well, including the recently Lowrider Magazine-featured members Jim Ramsey and Richard Floyd. Dino’s Bomb Squad, Real Classics and Bridgetown Oldies also showed up to Bonelli Park to take in the sights and sounds. Joe Epstein brought out his super clean and super low Nomad, much to the delight of many in attendance.

There is a regimen that comes with setting up an event like this, and the first of which (of course) is to park and wipe down any and all cars on display. This is a no-brainer but presentation is everything, even on a holiday. Once this was accomplished, the participants began the next important step; firing up their grills to satisfy the hungry crowd and themselves. Any type of food you could imagine was found on the grills at Bonelli on this day, in fact, we witnessed clubs cooking the ever popular Carne Asada, as well as chicken, T-Bone steaks, burgers, and hot dogs. Festivities like this holiday also carry an overwhelming tide of selflessness and goodwill, and every group of people we passed offered us food and drinks. Naturally we couldn’t be rude, so we joined in and stuffed ourselves! We can truly say that no one will ever go thirsty or hungry at a Bomb Club Originals event!

DJ Chente and Li’l Rolas from the Lost Memories Internet Show took care of the emceeing and music for the day. They kept the crown informed and entertained, thanks to their ever-consistent musical selections and microphone presence.

After a day filled with beautiful rides, great food and drink, music and great friends, it was time to close the books on the 2011 Cinco De Mayo Celebration. As one final gesture of generosity, Bomb Club Originals sent all of the children in attendance home with cupcakes that were made especially for the event. Of course, some adults even went home with a couple, including yours truly!

Events like this not only serve as cultural reminders of how great life can be, they also unite us all under the positive flag of Lowriding. Make plans to be at the event next year, because there is nothing quite like a Saturday in the park with friends, family, Lowriders, Bombs, and great music!