Summertime in Southern California is heaven for those of us into classic cars. On any given weekend, there can be a car event that really showcases some amazing rides and Lowriders. Naturally, it came as no surprise to me that on the second weekend in June, while I was covering the Ink N Iron Festival in Long Beach, I found out that there was a nighttime car show being held in Ontario, CA. All I heard was that Go EZ had something to do with it, and that alone prompted me to leave the event that I was covering at the Queen Mary and head out to the night show. As I pulled up to the Galaxy Burger parking lot, I noticed that the huge parking lot was crammed with every type of vehicle one can think of. The weather was perfect, and a ton of attendees and drivers were on hand showing off their best. As I walked around the event taking photos, I couldn’t help but notice the welcoming and laid-back atmosphere this particular show had; it was as if you felt that you belonged there. A few of the clubs in attendance included Group, Trucha, Down South, Style, Old School and few others, who all did their best to give onlookers a glimpse into our wonderful Lowrider culture on a warm early summer night.