One of the largest car clubs in the pantheon of Lowriding continues to grow to this day, and there seems to be no sign of its expansion slowing down now. Having started decades ago with the single founding Compton, California chapter, Majestics Car Club has gone on to birth an astounding 31 chapters worldwide. Although most of the newer members and chapters have been added in more recent years, the San Fernando Chapter (which started in 1996 in Southern California) has been one of the most influential in the club’s overall growth.

Every year, the Majestics Car Club holds an annual family picnic, but this year, that event was combined with the SFV Chapter’s 15-year-anniversary celebration. On April 3, 2011, ten chapters came out to Mission Park in the city of Mission Hills to commemorate both events. Many other Lowriding clubs from the area also came out to show support, kick back, barbeque, and preview each other’s custom rides for the upcoming summer cruising season.

The Majestics members provided great food and drinks for the attendees, and they also handed out awards to their fellow members in recognition of their accomplishments. Inflatable jumpers were available for the kids, and the nearby sports field provided the playing grounds for chapter-against-chapter baseball games. The top chapter took home the pot of $1,000!

The SFV chapter’s president is known to everybody as “China Man;” an ethnically-mixed black and Filipino young man whose open mind and vision has helped create one of the most diverse car clubs in existence today. “China Man” thanks his team-leading members Chris, Big Ray, J.P., Sean “Whiteboy,” Big Earl, H.D., Leylani, Sylis, Eric and Marquis for all their support in making the SFV chapter the ethnically diverse and family-oriented group it is.

“China Man” says that when he first became president of the chapter back in ’99, he received some racial negativity within the chapter and within the neighborhood, but he stood his ground and continued on to provide a club atmosphere where true Lowriders could simply ride with each other for the love of the lifestyle, regardless of race. He wanted to have a club where the colors of the club (blue and yellow) were represented – not the color of skin. Today, the club is very diverse, made up of such races as black, white, Latino, Armenian, and Afghan, and he says that it is this brotherhood that will help to easily bring them another 15 years.