Along with freezing cold winters and fanatical sports fans, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is proving to be quite the Lowrider powerhouse. Good Times C.C., held their annual Lowrider picnic, just off the spacious Lake Michigan Park in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin natives, as well as heavy support from the Midwest, including Rollerz Only, USO, Southside Cruisers, Somos Uno, Street Style, and Pesados, filled every corner of the park showing off their best rides. Like we said before, Milwaukee is really becoming enthralled with the Lowrider phenomenon, and, thanks to the efforts of the Good Times riders, this picnic was a prime example.

The clubs organized a hydraulic hop-off for the adults and hung a piñata filled with candy for the kids. Barbecue grills were seen at every corner for the faithful Lowrider crowd, who were treated to the finest Barbecue to fill their voracious appetites. Half of the crowd was entertained by the smooth sounds of the DJ spinning the latest hits, while the Packer faithful on hand kept a close ear to the score of their beloved Green Bay football game.

Good Times would like to thank all the supporters of the Lowrider culture, as well as the dedicated clubs that made the drive from out of state to support the picnic. The President of Good Times tells us, “I’m just glad that we have a place for everyone to get together with their families and enjoy a Sunday.” Dale adds, “We are all glad this was a success!” Keep up the good work out there, Good Times, glad to see the slow and low bug alive and well in the Great Lakes region.