It’s been five full years since Katrina, the deadliest and most costly hurricane that ever ravished New Orleans, Louisiana struck. While the entire country looked on, the small city began to rebuild and try to bring things back to normal. The local Lowrider club, Down South Rollers, decided that it was time to bring everyone together from the surrounding areas for a weekend of family fun. With visible damage still in sight, the DSR group managed to give everyone a chance to escape from the heartache and memories caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The location was The Lakefront Park in New Orleans, with a breathtaking view of Lake Pontchartrain. This was the grand opening of the same park that was close to twenty feet underwater just a few years ago. The area’s loyal enthusiasts came down to support the Lowrider culture in New Orleans. Down South Rollers, as well as Homies C.C., Individuals, and XRated, were among some of the clubs in attendance. The President of Down South Rollers, Suddy Lewis, tells us, “Throughout all the pain and devastation that has occurred, we have some of the most dedicated and passionate Lowrider guys here in Louisiana.”