David Flaco Soto, from Flaco’s Custom Hydraulics, Gabe Miranda, and Cimmaron Ruiz were sitting around one day sharing some ideas when they came up with a collective notion to put on a car show in Merced, CA. The goal was to do a show at Yosemite Lake in Merced for a good cause that would benefit the community. Thanks to the fact that the trio had been in the lowrider scene for a long time, they had a nice network of dedicated folks and resources at their disposal and believed they could rally the community and make it happen. They held their first show last year, and the motivation behind it was for a scholarship fund, to help a kid from the Merced Union High School District go to college. This year’s show was thrown to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Another successful show brought out some of NorCal’s top cars. Manuel Corbala, a resident of Merced, California, brought out his three-time Lowrider of the Year, Strictly Business. Doug Vigil brought out his ’64 convertible Impala, Heavy Hitter, which is always a fan favorite. Chris Roark, who had his Lowrider of the Year Perfect Score at this show last year, brought out his third ’58 hardtop this year. Gilbert Casares of Elite Car Club brought out his Truck of the Year, Oldie ’54.

With over 300 entries, the show got a lot of support. Some of the Merced car clubs in attendance included Carnales Unidos, Suavesito, Estilo, New Style, and Sangre Latina. Other car clubs that made it out were Elite, Tuff-N-Nuff, Impalas, Top Dogs, Devotions, Kustum Dreamz, Childhood Dreams, Low Conspiracy, Sangre Latina, Nite Life, Blvd Kings, and a few solo riders made it out.

The Merced Custom Auto Show also provided some lovely ladies that were at the show serving beer, selling raffle tickets, and taking photos with fans. Some of the show’s sponsors included Budweiser, J and M Recycling, Bob’s Auto Paint, Pete’s Auto Body, and Ernie’s Transmissions.

I would like to thank the whole Merced Custom Auto Show staff for the hospitality and hope to see you guys have another great cause of support for Charity next year!