Ever since its humble beginnings in July of 1975, Lifestyle Car Club, Los Angeles, has continued on a very prestigious path; navigating a very colorful past, present, and future. This journey culminated for one night only, when this veteran car club got suited and booted in honor of their 35th anniversary at the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott. Members both past and present relived the trials and tribulations of maintaining a car club that is older than most of its members. This car club looks and thinks the same way as it did in the year it started and clearly there is no end in sight, as the club’s goals and standards continue to be challenged as quickly as they are raised. Represented by custom paintjobs in pearls, flakes, and candies, and known for its long list of car build nicknames; this club has lived through its own members’ weddings, family baptisms, and daughters’ Quinceneras. Though the anniversary event was held on a Saturday night, members, family, and friends gathered at the Marriott for the entire weekend to celebrate. Many of the older members of the club echoed a joint “Who-would-have-thought!” sentiment regarding the longevity and tradition of this great club. Dinners, awards, and dancing were on the scheduled list of activities at the Marriott and when the last song played, the anniversary party continued to spill out into the outdoor patio area and the members’ hotel rooms. With the core of officers and younger members that are active in today’s roll call, Lifestyle Car Club has a strong foreseeable future, and will continue to roll as long as cars remain on four wheels. Congratulations to the Black and Gold, as Lowriding seems to never get old! See you guys at the 40th!