On a beautifully hot Colorado summer day, Colorado Lowrider Alliance (CLA) members, Just Casual Car Club and Memories Car Club, hosted their 1st annual benefit car show onsite at Joshua Station, a transitional housing facility for homeless families. The facility is housed in a previously broken down and abandoned Motel 7, which was renovated and used to create a 24-month program that houses up to 26 homeless families and up to 60 children at any given time, helping them get back on their feet during extremely hard times in their lives. We can proudly say the event was a tremendous success and could not have been possible without the help of other CLA member car clubs and solo riders who showed up to lend support with their presence and monetary donations.

Keeping in line with Colorado’s legacy of hosting quality events year round, the benefit car show had plenty to offer the crowds from jumping castles, carnival games, raffle prizes, car hop contests, custom cars, Lowrider bikes, food vendors, and much more. While the event was in many ways entertaining and action-packed like any other car show, the fact that it was actually held on the front steps of the parking lot of the building that the 26 Joshua Station homeless families call “home” made this event something special.

With plenty of cars, people, and funds on hand to help the program, the big story could easily have been the event itself. However, the real story behind it all wasn’t the beautiful cars on display, the enormous fun everyone had, the generous monies raised, or even the custom trophies designed by Krazy Kreations. The real story was the relationship between CLA member car clubs, the solo riders in attendance, and the Joshua Station kids. For months leading up to the event, Just Casual Car Club’s own Tom Martinez, along with the help of other CLA youth: D and Joker, spearheaded weekly break dancing classes onsite at Joshua Station for both CLA kids and Joshua Station kids.

With that unity in mind, picture the energy on the day of the event when the main focus of the show was directed to the CLA and Joshua Station kids as they held a break-dancing performance together. Side-by-side, the kids showed the progress of their hard work in the months leading up to the event by giving a performance of a lifetime. As the crowds gazed, cheers and excitement poured all around as everyone stood in amazement at the creative energy and talent which all the kids displayed. Even more apparent and captivating was the unquestionable unity, respect, and equality the kids extended to one another. On that day, no one could tell which kid was from Joshua Station or the CLA, specifically because of the level of commitment all the kids had to the art of expression through break dancing. It was clear that all the kids in the performance were there for one reason-to show that they could do something many thought impossible and come together as one in honor of our great tradition of Lowriding.