On Sunday, May 30th, the Majestics of Delano threw their 2nd annual car show at Memorial Park in Delano. This was a show that I had missed last year, and after everything great I heard about it, I was determined to go this year. Knowing that the Socios Car Club was also holding their show on the same day, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to Delano.

As I arrived to Memorial Park, the members of Majestics Delano were quick to greet me and make sure that I was properly taken care of. The first thing that caught my eye on site was the strong bike showing. They had everything sitting pretty at the park; from three wheelers, to candy painted bikes and just about any other Lowrider bike that you could imagine. As I made my way to the cars, I noticed that the show had very strong support from NorCal and SoCal car clubs and solo riders. Even though the members of Goodtimes out of Utah had two blowouts on their trailer on the way to the show, they were still able to make it to the show and back home safe and sound!

The Majestics showed up with a strong group of members from all over California. The San Diego Super Show judges also made their way up north to help out with the event scoring.

As I walked the grounds, Aztec Image was the first club that caught my eye. Gary Carmona’s “Glasshouse” was on full display, showing off a new set up which was only finished the night before the event. Gary’s club member J.R. took home Best Undercarriage and Best in Show honors with his ’57 Bel-Air hardtop, which was in full effect. Joey of the Techniques made the trip up from Los Angeles, and had his Lincoln Mark V, nicknamed “Family Jewel” on full display.

Alberto Herrera of Quality Art out of Visalia, CA., had a booth on the grounds displaying his amazing murals. Alberto’s work encompassed the show grounds, as he has done work on many of the cars that were in attendance at the show. On double duty was DJ Alex G of the Stylistics, who was not only spinning the jams at the show, but also had his Lowrider Magazine August 2010 issue cover car “Microphone Fiend” on display. Alex G’s ’77 Monte Carlo also took Best Paint honors at the show.

Nokturnal Car Club represented well, taking home the Club Award honors at the show. Other notable clubs in attendance included Impalas, Goodtimes, Latin World, Delegations, Premier, New Friends, Brown Society, Wicked and a few others.

One of the highlights of the show was the hop. Alex from Goodtimes took first in the Radical Double with an 88″ mark in his brown Regal. Big Jon took first in the Radical Single competition with an 87″ mark in his Caprice.

The Majestics would like to thank Quality Mufflers out of Delano, and Galvans Banner Designs for their sponsorships. They would also like to give a special thanks to all the spectators and everyone that entered their ride into the show, as well as everyone else that helped them make this show happen. I would like to personally thank the Majestics of Delano for the great hospitality they showed me, and of course for the great BBQ they had on hand at the show.