The hydraulic competition at the Vegas Super Show can best be described as “the show within a show.” This year, cars came from all points across the map to compete for the bragging rights of this coveted national competition. Contestants from Kentucky, Colorado, Arizona, and California filled up the brackets quickly as the crowd waited with baited breath to see who could hop their way to the top. The weather cooperated as well, and served as the perfect backdrop for this red-hot competition that truly lived up to its reputation.

This competition also became more intense thanks to the new guidelines that were implemented in favor of the more traditional rules of years past. All of the old rules were thrown out the window as the hydraulic competition has been revamped to better entertain the crowd. The “hopfest” has now become an invitational affair, allowing us to bring you only the best hydraulic exhibitionists. With all the rules out the door except for those defining safety and stalling, the competition allows the contestants to do whatever they have to do in order to bring you a safer, more exciting show. A hop-off is judged by a ruler or measuring stick, which is used to record height. There are usually three guys per class, allowing for an elimination between them to determine who is worthy of the crown. The car dance hydraulic competition is setup to get our crowd more involved, as there is no formal judging system; the crowd simply decides the winner by the level of their own applause.

With the show becoming more interactive, the exhibitors had to lay it all out on the floor to make this competition a worthy Grand Finale. Now, let us show you how the last hydraulic invitational of the year played out, as these guys rocked it for the crowd and hoped to earn the Hopper of the Year title.